Thank you for your interest in the Sandrine’s Gift of Life online education project. We have created this project as our gift to the transplantation community, so please think of it as your own. Some marketing materials have been created to help you promote the project in your own sphere of influence. Feel free to use them and to adapt them to suit your own needs.

Although this project was developed primarily for use in middle school and high school, it can also be marketed to families who may wish to participate in it together at home. Interestingly, teachers have indicated that they would also like to use the project with the Boy Scout and Girl Guide troops and Sunday school classes as well. Since this project is multilingual and will be available in English and Spanish, you may also wish to market it to ethnic groups. At this stage, marketing materials are only available in English.

Detailed Overview (MS Word)

Two colour promotional flyer to educators (in pdf)

Letter to school boards, principals, teachers (MS Word)

Registering Hospitalized Students (MS Word)

Announcement to OPO Members