Sandrine’s Gift of Life is an organ and tissue donor awareness campaign which began in honour of 11-year-old Sandrine Craig who tragically died in a school bus accident. Her organs were donated by her family, and as a result six people’s lives (including those of three children) were either saved or greatly enhanced.

Our goal is simple: inspire more people to talk to their family about their wishes about organ and tissue donation. That simple act, which doesn't even cost a cent to do, can save lives. History shows that if you sign your donor card and tell your family about their feelings, in most cases the family respects those wishes. However, if you haven't relayed your wishes to your family, even if you have signed a donor card, in half the cases, the family will say no to transplantation because they wonder if that's what their loved one really wanted. Just think how many lives are wasted needlessly.

As Sandrine's mother, Diane Craig, says over and over again, "we're burying the cure".

Sandrine could have been from anywhere in the world. She could have been your daughter, sister or niece, grand daughter or friend. Most importantly, the people who received her life-saving organs could have been someone you loved…or even yourself.

You never know when you might need a transplant. A sudden virus could affect your heart. Liver disease could strike fast and furiously.

The cure is easy!

Thousands of people around the world die needlessly each year because they never received a much-needed organ or tissue in time. Yet, it is so easy to change that tragic waste. All you have to do is download the donor card, sign it, and most importantly, talk to your family!

In addition you can:

  • Encourage your family, friends and co-workers to check out this site.
  • Develop an awareness campaign in your own office, neighbourhood, church or community. Our Community Manual gives you ideas on how to do that along with downloadable fact sheets, generic speech and sermon notes.
  • Ask your clergy to give a sermon on the topic.
  • Encourage medical personnel to learn more about organ donation.

We’re here to help. Contact us.


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