If you'd like to help, organize a campaign, or help in any way, contact us at:

Sandrine's Gift of Life

Campaign Headquarters
Sandrine's Gift of Life
44 Charles Street West, Suite 4711
Toronto, ON  M4Y 1R8

Phone: 416-967-1221
Fax: 416-967-2818

Email: dcraig@corporateclassinc.com

Also, if you'd like to share your story, please send it to the above address and we'll publish it on our site. Below are some other ways to help.

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Community Manual
Consent Registration Form
Please Read this: Animated Website Banners.

Download our Community Manual to help with developing an awareness campaign in your own office, neighbourhood, church or community. The manual gives you ideas on how to do that along with downloadable fact sheets, generic speech and sermon notes.

Download it now: Community Manual (MSWord .DOC format) or View and read it on our site here first..

If you are unable to view the Adobe PDF files in your browser for printing, you

will have to download the following free reader from ADOBE. This will then allow you to see any Acrobat files on the internet as well.

Please visit http//www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.html to download this plug-in.

Take your time and enjoy computing..


Love Spreads: Installing a Sandrine's Gift animated charity-banner!

"Do it today"

Please read the following whether you operate a website or not. Or if you just want to install a banner go down to the installation instructions.

Are you still giving away free advertising space to other corporations, firms, groups or individuals selling products and services you know nothing about? For reasons that you couldn't even recommend or endorse or explain if asked? Are you certain that they will even survive to be able to pay you when you have finally if ever reached a credit amount that would result in a payout cheque?

If you are in anyway familiar with what it takes to make a dollar through the selling of advertising on websites with ad-banners give this a thought. If you know someone who operates a website also please point them to this information.

Anyone with a heart would agree that for low to medium traffic websites it would be much more worthwhile to show banner impressions where the return for every 'click through' would potentially save someones life or the life of a loved one instead of a 3 cent credit. Yes only three cents.

Current online advertising statistics have been showing that only a mere 0.5% of visitors to the average website click-through its sponsor ad-banners (free advertising). Think realistically now and see that if that company paid you even 3 cents per click-through at tops, you may be `lucky' to earn enough for a family trip to McDonald's in a whole year from giving away this space to competitors. What is the cost or return when you give ads to Charity? Its priceless!

Please consider donating some of your websites real estate to spread the word on giving the gift of an Organ Donation. Give a gift to help others give.

Install a banner right now if you can. the Instructions are printed below.

One click could translate into one life saved and potentially much more. If you yourself don't maintain your own companies website, you can bring up this charity issue with management at your next meeting about a banner donation. Help raise the awareness about the gifts of life that Organ Donation do bring and the urgent need to inform others about each families requirements.

Banner Installation Instructions

When downloading the banner, we would appreciate it if you would link it to our site and also include the text right below the charity banner and link it as well to www.sandrinesgift.com . Many people and some internal companies web-browsers sinply block out all banners, so a small bit of text that can still be followed is helpful there. Many people also don't know you can click on pictures and only follow regular links. On the small size banners include the text link. 'Do it Today'.

You may reference or link to the location of the graphic on this server if this is easier to you but we would rather you keep the graphic on your webserver. In all cases please inform info@sandrinesgift.org after you have installed your banner so we can check the link, let banner donators know if changes ever need to be made and also see where our banner donations are coming from.


"Do it today"


SAMPLE CODE here is sample HTML code to modify and/or insert on your website to display our banners. The code opens Sandrine's Gift in a new window. Be sure to Substitute the following section of the code with the relative location and filename of the banner graphic on your server once its uploaded there.

"contact/Banner/SGLanim3wh.gif" with "directory path and file name on your server"

<div align="center">
<p><a href="www.sandrinesgift.com" target="_blank"><img src="contact/Banner/SGLanim3wh.gif" width="468" height="60"><br>
&quot,Act now! All Organ Donor cards in your families wallet need replacements.&quot;</a></p>


Here is the current selection of Sandrinesgift charity banners you may use to raise Organ Donation awareness and be a huge help!

please inform info@sandrinesgift.org after you have installed your banner.



Want to organize a committee in your town or share your story? See the contact section.